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Curriculum Ethos

Our curriculum is linked to our School Vision and values and reflects the aspirations of our school and Trust.

“Winford School - where children Flourish”

I have come that they may have life and have it to the full.

John 10:10













We want the curriculum that we offer to reflect where possible our children, setting and focus on moral values which educates both heart and mind.  Although we use the National Curriculum as with all primary schools, we try to be as creative as possible to make the offer exciting, rich, relevant, worthwhile, irresistible and hopefully, FUN!

 As part of LSP Trust, we work alongside other schools to offer staff training and development opportunities. 

The curriculum is taught through a topic based approach for many subjects, linked to themes with an emphasis on one key text per term. During the course of the school year each year group will cover 3 or 4 topics that will have a science, history or geography focus.  Within this, we also try to incorporate relevant art and DT learning.

Topics are enriched with a range of trips and visitors that bring the curriculum alive and provide children with real life experiences. ‘Wow’ days are used to extend the curriculum and are often linked to a particular topic to cement learning in place.

The school annually holds an anti-bullying day, e-safety day and healthy schools week.

Additional academic Support for children

Many children in at some stage during their time in school will need some kind of support with the curriculum. At Winford, all lessons and curriculum activities are adapted to the needs of all pupils so that every child can access each lesson and be sufficiently challenged.

This will mean that in lessons whilst children will be working towards the same learning objectives the learning will not be exactly the same. The learning will be adapted by using different resources, groups may be guided by the teacher or working with another school adult and there may be additional challenges set for children who have achieved the expectation that are designed to deepen learning.

In addition to this adaption children will also work with other school adults in small groups to address any other learning needs. Groups may come out of class to do pre-teaching of concepts or post teaching to address any misconceptions.