Lynx Class

Lynx Class is a Year 5 class. We are very excited to be located next to the Year 6 class in a brand new classroom!  In Lynx Class, we work hard every day to reach our potential and be successful. We persevere and challenge ourselves in our learning – we never give up! Over the course of the year, we explore a variety of different subjects through topic-related work.

During our first term, our topic was ‘Coasts and Captains.’ In Literacy, our learning was based around the brilliant and funny book 'How to be a Pirate.'  The children produced some fantastic writing, including writing a missing chapter and a persuasive argument. We joined the Year 6 class on an educational trip to the SS Great Britain in Bristol, where the children had lots of fun exploring and learning about this historic ship!


The topic for this term is ‘All around the World’ and Year 5 has focused on the continent of Africa and in particular the country of South Africa. Our Literacy work has been based on the book 'Journey to Jo’Burg' by Beverly Naidoo.  Through the book, the children learnt about the apartheid system in South Africa and the injustice that existed during this time.  The children have written newspaper reports, diary entries as well as a biography of Nelson Mandela, whose life they found to be inspirational. We started our topic by learning about human rights and discussing what we think are the most important rights humans should have. We will then be learning about African climate, languages, culture, wildlife and art. As well as this we will be learning about the similarities and differences between schools in South Africa and Great Britain.   We will also be learning about some of the problems and issues that the continent faces.  We are looking forward to learning about this amazing and diverse part of the world.

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We are working extremely hard to become speedy at our times tables. We have been using a variety of methods and games to encourage everyone to recall times tables facts quickly. Children should regularly practice their times tables at home, in order to be able to answer up to 12 x 12 by the end of the academic year.


Please feel free to pop into class to discuss any concerns or achievements about your child with us, our door is always open!