The School Day

The official school day starts at 8.45am and finishes at 3.00pm. Children should arrive promptly for registration. For the safety of all children, we would ask parents to ensure that children arrive at school no earlier than 8.30am.

All children have a supervised 15 minute outside play break at 10.30am. Lunch breaks are overseen by a team of lunchtime supervisors from 12 noon to 1.00pm.

Coming to School

The school gate is opened at 8.30am and for the first few days it is often helpful for parents to see their children into their classroom and to come into school to meet them at the end of the afternoon. After this, as the child becomes more accustomed to school routine he/she may be brought to the school playground where you may wish to wait until the bell is rung to begin the school day, when they can leave you and come in by themselves. When your child has gained even more confidence and a degree of independence they can leave you at the school gate and make their own way into the playground.

Parents who bring their children to school by car should not park anywhere directly outside the school. There is indeed a fine for drivers who park on the “shared space” tactile crossing area. As there is the frequent manoeuvring of delivery vehicles, staff cars and school buses, the school car park must not be used for dropping off or collecting children at the beginning and end of the school day.