Vision and Values


Vision Statement

‘Winford School - where children flourish and are valued, nurtured and encouraged as individuals to fulfil their potential within a Christian environment’

Aims of Winford Church of England Primary School

The aims of our school are:

 -to provide a broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated curriculum to which all the children are entitled;

 -to ensure that each child has equal access to the National Curriculum and that through the programme of study fulfils his/her potential;

 -to promote partnership between child, parent, teacher and community;

 -to encourage the children to fulfil the highest possible expectations of themselves;

 -to ensure continuity and progression at all stages of the child’s development;

 -to foster teaching styles which offer and encourage a variety of relevant learning opportunities;

 -to provide a stimulating and caring environment in which the children can succeed.


Aims for the Pupils of Winford Church of England Primary School

Our aims for our children are for them:

 -to develop enquiring minds and a spirit of curiosity;

 -to achieve the highest possible standards in all areas of the curriculum;

 -to become enthusiastic and independent learners;

 -to work cooperatively and collaboratively;

 -to have high self esteem and be respectful of others;

 -to be confident and prepared for the next stage of education.