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Behaviour and Anti-Bullying

The school is values led and we aim to promote the social and emotional development of our pupils. Our full behaviour policy can be found on the policies page.

Here at Winford we celebrate both good social behaviour and good learning behaviours through a wide range of rewards that children can earn. At the heart of our belief though, is that good behaviours for the whole school (adults and children) start with learning about mutual respect and the importance of building solid and secure relationships.

If behaviour falls short of our high expectations we have a clear policy and processes to address this.  Within this approach we also believe it is important to understand that we all make mistakes. Forgiveness is one of our Christian values and is an important part of moving on from an incident. 

We believe in creating a culture of self-regulation and personal responsibility. We do this through rewarding the positives, promoting our school values and providing children with a range of opportunities to contribute to the development of their school.

We recognise that children will make mistakes and that sometimes their behaviour can be disrespectful. When this happens the school responds taking in to account their age and understanding. We apply the behaviour policy fairly and consistently applying a restorative justice model where we can.

Please see the policies section of the website for our most recent behaviour policy and anti-bullying policies. These are reviewed annually.



The school does not tolerate bullying either in school, outside of school or online. 

As part of our current anti-bullying strategy we hold an annual anti-bullying week in November.

Each year we appoint and train peer mediators who work alongside the Year 5 and 6 teachers.  These children help to identify where bullying may be taking place and take proactive steps to prevent bullying behaviours.  Our Christian values also support anti-bullying.

If you have any concerns about bullying please share it with school.

If you have any concerns with bullying, either in school, out of school or online, please come and discuss it with us.