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Dog awareness

At Winford we are very proud to have Tango and Fernie in our team.

Apart from the targeted work we do with specific children and groups as part of the pastoral offer, our mission is to make everyone more aware of dog welfare.

  • We only use leads with harnesses as this is the kindest way to have a dog on a lead
  • We give the dog lots of rest breaks
  • We apply our school value of respect to understand that dogs have feelings too
  • We learn about positive reward based training for dogs
  • We learn some basics around reading dog body language.
  • We learn how to ‘be’ around dogs so that no-one is compromised

We also learn about the 5 Animal freedoms which is law.

  • A dog should have freedom from hunger and thirst
  • A dog should have freedom from discomfort
  • A dog should have freedom from pain, injury and disease
  • A dog should have freedom from fear and distress
  • A dog should be free to express normal behaviours for their breed

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