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Please follow the link for Winford Primary School's latest Ofsted report from our last inspection in June 2023

Here are some extracts that we were most pleased with:

“ Pupils enjoy attending Winford C of E Primary School. They say that there is something for everyone and describe the school as 'one big family' They talk confidently about the way in which the school's values help them to be kind, respectful and to work hard"

Ofsted 2023

“Leaders prioritise reading. Pupils read a range of texts with increasing accuracy and fluency. They say that reading helps them learn new things. Children begin learning phonics as soon as they start school. They learn and remember new sounds well. Staff benefit from the training they receive to teach phonics effectively. If pupils fall behind, they receive the help and support they need to help them catch up quickly"

"Pupils have positive attitudes towards their learning. This starts in the early years. Children are eager to share their ideas and work well with one another. The environment in classrooms and around the school is calm and productive."

Ofsted 2023



Church of England schools like ours are inspected on rotation with an inspection called SIAMS (Statutory Inspection of Anglican and. Methodist Schools) and they visit to make judgements on how the school performs in areas such as:

  • Vision and Leadership.
  • Wisdom, Knowledge and Skills.
  • Character Development: Hope, Aspiration and Courageous Advocacy.
  • Community and Living Well Together.
  • Dignity and Respect.
  • The impact of collective worship.
  • The effectiveness of religious education.

 They are interested in the overall performance of the school but in the context of its vision, values and Christian underpinnings.  Below is our most recent inspection from 2015 where we were awarded a good outcome.