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We have not yet had an inspection since converting to an academy.  However here is a link to our most recent report as a maintained school

Here are some extracts that we were most pleased with:

“The most striking feature of this school is its vision. Pupils, staff, parents and members of the local community ‘are valued, nurtured and encouraged as individuals to fulfil their potential within a Christian environment’. This has enabled pupils to flourish because they are happy and feel secure.” Ofsted 2016

“Parents are also delighted with the impact of your leadership on the school. As one parent explained, ‘the headteacher is second to none and we feel very fortunate to have him as head’.”

Ofsted 2016

“Fernie, the school dog, is used exceptionally well to support the work of the school. Fernie is a helpful resource in calming and soothing pupils who may be experiencing social or emotional difficulties. He plays an important part in helping those pupils who have complex special educational needs and those entitled to extra government funding grow in confidence. For example, by giving pupils a responsibility for feeding Fernie daily, they develop a sense of routine and responsibility. As a professionally trained dog, he is a great encouragement for reluctant readers who agree to ‘snuggle into Fernie’ and share a book with him. As one parent explained,

‘the school dog is brilliant and has an extremely positive effect on the children that really benefits the school as a whole’.”

Ofsted 2016



Church of England schools like ours are inspected on rotation with an inspection called SIAMS (Statutory Inspection of Anglican and. Methodist Schools) and they visit to make judgements on how the school performs in areas such as:

  • Vision and Leadership.
  • Wisdom, Knowledge and Skills.
  • Character Development: Hope, Aspiration and Courageous Advocacy.
  • Community and Living Well Together.
  • Dignity and Respect.
  • The impact of collective worship.
  • The effectiveness of religious education.

 They are interested in the overall performance of the school but in the context of its vision, values and Christian underpinnings.  Below is our most recent inspection from 2015 where we were awarded a good outcome.