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Pupil Voice and Leadership

The School Council

We no longer operate a school council system. Instead our Y6 pupils deliver a ‘House Group’ assembly twice per school term.  Within this, along with a message about our value of the term, they always keep a section for asking feedback about how the school is doing, or for opinions about how things can be improved.  This means that every child is a councillor, not just a handful. They then feedback that information to the headteacher, which is discussed in senior leader meetings.


We have just started to meet as a governors Ethos Committee.  We invite some children representatives along to give us their views too on the ethos of the school.  The children provide a vital perspective as we seek to make our school vision, values and ethos clear and accessible for all. The children make great suggestions about ways to share this with others.

Collective worship – The Ethos committee will be leading Collective Worship once a month linked to the focus value of the term. We have a rota of Y6 children who also complete evaluation forms on other adults' Collective Worships too.

Sports Leaders

Sports leaders help the PE Coordinator and lunchtime supervisors to deliver sports events, active lunchtimes and our 2 sports days.

Peer Mediators / Anti Bullying

Our peer mediators volunteer at lunchtimes to help mediate any playtime squabbles.  They are trained through a program to listen, remain neutral and to try and offer win-win solutions.