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Year 3- Tiger Class

Welcome to Year 3. We have a class of 29 children, after having 3 newcomers join Tiger class this year. Our class teacher is Mrs Ashfield and we are lucky enough to have two fabulous LSAs; Miss Auton on Tuesdays, Thursday and Fridays, and Miss Lizzie on Monday and Wednesdays. We are an enthusiastic bunch who love to learn and are extremely inquisitive. 

We have just entered into lower KS2, which means we are now in an upstairs classroom! During this year, we are developing our reading even further, now that we’ve moved past the decoding parts, and are focussing more on the comprehension, fluency and prosody side of being a competent reader. This takes place during our daily whole class Guided Reading sessions. 

We are also being more responsible for our own learning by having a classroom with accessible resources, for all lessons, that we are able to select and use when we feel we need to. 

We learn about, and build upon, a range of subject in Year 3. We will cover a new unit each term in each of these subjects:

Literacy, Maths, RE, Guided Reading, Science, Geography, ICT, History, PSHE, Art, DT, PE and Music. We dedicate 5 minutes every morning to recapping and practising all of the phonemes and graphemes that we learnt in KS1.